Runway Heels, an all-female start-up venture that was born in Silicon Beach, is pleased to offer a disruptive technology designed for the modern woman on the go.

Flight attendants were the original inspiration for the 2-shoes-in-one convertible heel, thus the company name, Runway Heels. As a former flight attendant, Melody, the company’s CEO, experienced firsthand the daily struggle and inconvenience constantly changing back and forth from high heels to flats. As she became frustrated, she conferred with fellow flight attendants about the inconvenience of carrying two pairs of shoes and changing into two pairs of shoes. It was at this time, Melody committed to one day finding a resolution to this problem.

Runway Heels‘ high heels are engineered to accommodate the wear and tear of vigorous walking and a woman’s insatiable need to weave fashion and glamour into her footwear.

Runway Heels‘ market studies revealed that women who strive to strut their high heels with confidence experience the inconvenience of changing into comfortable sneakers or flats in order to adapt to their changing landscape.

Runway Heels is the perfect 2-shoes-in-one solution for all women. Finally the wait is over. Goodbye hassle. Hello Runway Heels. There is no turning back.


We will be the leading trusted brand for women on-the-go. Women all over the world are our advocates as we champion our needs and demands.  We will consistently be recognized and admired for our innovation, integrity and social responsibility.


To build a unique portfolio of innovative footwear that elevates the experience of modern women, combining convenience and comfort, without compromising style. “No pain, no gain” no more. Women can have it all. We are a global company that is market focused, process driven, value centered and committed to philanthropic efforts that empower women to achieve economic independence. To fulfill on our mission, our guiding principles are:

  • Shareholders – deliver superior returns by being relentless in pursuing new growth opportunities and sustaining profitability through responsible stewardship of resources and upholding accountability in its highest form
  • Employees – strive to consistently be recognized as the best place to work, where employees are valued, rewarded and respected regardless of background and beliefs. Our employees are expected to possess a passion for high standards in a fun and dynamic atmosphere.
  • Environment – where green movement is a way of life, we strive to reduce or eliminate environmental impacts needed in our designs, manufacturing and distribution of products. We use energy efficiently and are steadfast stewards of the environment.


In order to bring Runway heels to reality, Melody decided to merge Arts and Science. For aesthetics and design, she collaborated with Miguel Rodriguez, a veteran shoe craftsman who heads a shoe school in Los Angeles. For the science behind the mechanism and durability, she teamed up with world class mechanical engineers in Silicon Valley.

They always thought if an airplane can do it, why can’t our high heels?

As the hottest upcoming shoe in the high heel market, Runway Heels is style, comfort, confidence and convenience for women on the go.

Runway Heels is the ultimate landing gear for our high heels!

Miguel Rodriguez

Co-Founder/ Product Designer Runway Heels

Miguel is fashion designer with a background apparel manufacturing and shoe production.

At the age of 15, Miguel began collaborating with Neiman Marcus to design couture wear for celebrities. In the following decade, Miguel created a large network of domestic and international manufacturing capabilities, working with brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Sergio Rossi, Nike and Guess. From opening up his first boutique in Texas and being Creative Director to contemporary women’s wear lines, Miguel cultivated his fashion background into what it is today.

As his apparel career grew, it was only natural for Miguel to branch into the footwear industry. He then studied with master shoemakers in New York and is where he cultivated his shoemaking techniques. After moving to Los Angeles, he decided to turn his passion into a business again and opened Shoemakers of Los Angeles. Clients all over the nation have pursued Miguel for their footwear development needs. After acquiring 3-D Printers and laser cutting machines, Miguel’s pursuit of footwear development methods continued to skyrocket focusing in domestic manufacturing and technology. It is here where Melody contacted Miguel for his footwear expertise and joined forces to make Runway Heels made in L.A.

Melody Avecilla

Founder/ CEO Runway Heels

Melody is a tenured entrepreneur. She earned her bachelor’s degree in International studies and Diplomatic Affairs from Maryknoll College. She also holds an Executive MBA degree at Loyola Marymount University, a premiere business school in Southern California. She is the President of a North Hollywood Multi Line Insurance Agency since 2001. In addition to her insurance agency, she co-founded Royalty Guest home, a residential care for elders in Canoga Park, CA in 2005.

Aside from being a passionate entrepreneur, she is also an avid traveler. To pursue her passion for travel, she joined a major airline as a flight attendant immediately after college. It is through years of observing the lifestyle and inflight routine of a flight attendant that the concept for Runway Heels was born.

“As Oscar Wilde would say; ‘Comfort is the only thing our civilization can give us.’ I say, it’s about time we do it for our stilettos!”